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Marina One Residences Artist Impression

Swimming Pool / Jacuzzi

What is the dimension of the various pools / jacuzzi?

Lap Pool
Approx. 50m (L) x 10m (W) x 1.2m(D)
Family Pool
Approx. 8.4m (L) x 5.8m (W) x 0.9m(D)
Children Pool
Approx. 4.0m (L) x 3.0m (W) x 0.3m(D)
4 nos. – 2.4m (L) x 1.9m (W) x 0.8m(D)
1 no. – 2.9m (L) x 2.4m (W) x 0.8m(D)
Aqua Pool Gym
Approx. 7.2m (L) x 5.7m (W) x 1.2m(D)

Security Features

How do residents access the unit?
Are there any security entrance access?

Security entrance access are provided to the following area:

  • Residential Lift Lobbies – Card Access System
  • Private Lift – Card Access System
  • L2 and L3 Residential Common
  • Facilities – Card Access System
  • Residential Unit – Biometrics Lockset

Distance of Block to Block

What is the distance between Residential Tower and Office Tower?

Marina One Residences Distance


What is the brand?


Lift (Tower 21)

How many lifts serving each floor?

Residential Private Lift – 9 nos.
Residential Common Lift – 6 nos.
Carpark Lift – 2 nos.(Visitors Lobby)


What is the height (floor level) of the 4th storey unit?

Approx 26 m above 1st Storey Floor
Finish Level (equivalent to 8th storey)

Handicap-friendly feature

Is the development handicap-friendly?


Boundary Wall/Fence

Is there any fencing for the development?

No fencing for this development

Lifts / Lobbies

Height of ground floor lift lobby?

Visitor Lift Lobby at level 1 ceiling height – 19.4m above Finish Floor Level
Common Lift Lobby ceiling height – 4.3m above Finish Floor Level

Is lift lobby air-conditioned?

All basement lift lobbies are air conditioned.


How many carpark levels are there?

4 levels: B1, B2 B3 and B4

Is residential carpark allocated?

No allocation.

Any season carpark charges?

Yes, subject to charges at prevailing market rate and availability

Water tank

Where are the locations of the water tanks?

Water tanks are located at Basement Levels (B4, B3) and Roof Level.

Refuse Collection

What sort of refuse system?

Pneumatic Refuse Conveyance System (PRCS)

Where is the collection point?

PRCS Room at B2.

Letter Box




Do the units have sunscreen?


Can sunscreen be installed?

Yes, sun screen can be installed at typical units only, according to the approved design. Not applicable to PH

Any double glazed?

Yes. Combination of Single Glazed (SGU) and Double Glazed (DGU) Street side facing windows, sliding doors and curtain wall are double glazed.

Are the windows tinted?

Yes. Low-E coating is provided.

Terrace / Balcony

Water point provided?

Water points are provided at Terrace (Penthouse Units only)

Power point provided at balconies?

1 no. power point per balcony.

Fritted glass


Height of balcony railing?

1.1m from internal unit’s Floor Finish Level.


What is provided and what brands?

Kitchen Cabinet: Poggenphol (Germany)
Kitchen Appliance: Miele (Germany)
Sanitary Wares: Villeroy & Boch (Germany)
Sanitary Fittings: Steinberg (Germany)
Kitchen counter top: LG Hi-Macs
Switches : GIRA (Germany)

Cooker Hob induction or conventional?

Gourmet Servery : Induction
Wet kitchen: Conventional

Bomb Shelter


All escape staircases located at common lift lobbies serve as Staircase Storey Shelter.


Any special features?

Terrace, Pool, Jacuzzi, BBQ Counter, Planter, Steam Room and Roof Trellis

Water Heater

Gas or electric?

Where are they installed?

Heat Recovery type Electric Storage Water
Heater System* for all 1-Bedroom and 2-Bedroom Unit Types except Type 1B, 1E and 1H.
Electrical Storage Water Heaters (for Types 1B, 1E and 1H only)
Gas Water Heater for 3-Bedroom, 4- Bedroom and Penthouse Unit Types.
*Heat Recovery System recovers waste
heat rejected by Air Conditioner and uses it
for heating up the water stored in the
heater, thus reducing energy consumption
for the owner.

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